Our lighting fixtures, contemporary stained glass, decorative glazing, credenzas and wall pieces are created in consultation with architects, designers, interior decorators who wish to bring exceptional character to a space. Do you want unique pieces that highlight the identity and soul of the interior you’ve designed?

With twelve years of creative experience in glass and in-depth know-how, we work alongside you to create tailor-made pieces.

Have you designed a project for a customer, or would you like us to help you develop an idea for your interior? We can adjust to your needs, and help you make the right choices thanks to our material library. Our samples of colors, materials and finishes will help you refine your projects or give them a new lease of life.

Our inspiration


We chose to set up our workshop in the heart of nature. We have a predilection for plant designs, the search for materials, the effects of depth and translucence, the play of light between brilliance and opalescent matte. We love the sobriety and subtlety of Japanese aesthetics.

Our values

Our handcrafted production guarantees you unique pieces: unique bubbles, a certain deployment of color when fired.

All our creations are designed and made in France, in our workshop in the Hautes-Alpes. We strive to work with French raw materials.

Our company recycles its waste. Whenever possible, we look for alternatives to products that are harmful to the environment. Our packaging can be recycled or reused.

Creating your artwork in three steps

1- Brainstorming meeting


Together, we analyze everything that makes up the signature and identity of your space, taking into account your requirements and desires. We can provide creative assistance, with sets of color and material samples, to help you set an artistic direction; or simply technical advice for the execution of a project you’ve designed.

2- Sampling


Our workshop will design patterns or materials according to the chosen artistic direction. We’ll make 1:1 scale samples and prepare a model.

3- The decisive meeting


During this meeting, we discuss the samples and the mock-up. We study any refinements that need to be made to ensure your complete satisfaction before production begins.

Our shipping service

Our products are carefully packaged. Double cardboard boxes are used to ensure safe transport. For export, our goods are shipped on pallets.

Delivery by carrier in France 48 hours after dispatch. We guarantee our parcels against breakage.
For export, we offer a DAP (Delivered at Point) service, by sea or air, and we certify the French origin of our products, which facilitates customs clearance.

Would you like to give it a try? The first appointment is free and without obligation, contact us!


229 avenue de la Libération

Lieu-dit Le Cros

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