Bocuse d’Or Platter 2023

Team France plateau – Bocuse d’or,
glass, gold leaf, brass, plastics and resin, LED lighting,
fusing, blowing, sandblasting, frosting, gilding, stamping, embroidery, 3D printing, 90cm diameter,
for Chef Naïs Pirollet, with:
Photographs: Nicolas Villion | Stage design: Xavier Salerio | glass: Atelier ILAKÉ | Plateau prototypist: Stéphane Millot (Euromodel) | Bell: designed by Xavier Salerio, dressed by Sophie Fourmaux and decorated by the Montex workshop |

The plateau was designed as an ice setting in reference to the origins of France candidate Naïs Pirollet, the French Alps.
Glass artisans, jewelers and designers have united their know-how to highlight the white gold of nature. Play of lights and crystalline textures, frosted bubble, finely carved ornaments, an alliance between harmonious softness and silent strength serving monkfish and its garnishes.
This sparkling and airy snow coat was designed by designer Xavier Salério, sculpted by Stéphane Millot and his teams (Euromodel) with 3D techniques, dressed with finesse by designers Claire Lange and Lucie Roy from the Ilaké workshop in Hautes Alps and adorned by jeweler Claire Pirollet, Naïs’ mother. Stories of encounters, family, roots…

editor: Camille Carlier