Living Fossil Light

∅ 90cm, 8mm thick glass, brass surround, wall or ceiling mounting, LED lighting on dimmer.

We intended to transcribe this notion of crossing life history in our piece, through multi-layered glass work, which would be between the fossil and the palimpsest, a succession of strata, the oldest fern fronds almost disappearing in the distance behind a white veil, but with this permanence of the plant in each stratum up to the foreground, where it appears in transparent, shiny and golden bas relief.

The light reveals the depth of the layers, and highlights air micro bubbles trapped in the mass of the glass, which reinforces this sensation of fossilized living matter.

The light, associated with the gold of the brass rim, gives a sacred, iconic dimension to the plant. In respect to the environmental threat that humans represent, shouldn’t we rediscover this veneration for the forces that animate living things?