Signs for businesses and institutions

In 2020, the town of Ervy-le-Châtel is launching a call for tenders for the creation of tailor-made signs for businesses and institutions, “based on the observation that signs not only have a signage role, but also participate also to the aesthetics and landscape of this Little City of Character“.

We have designed a pictogram per type of activity, so that the designated type of business is quickly identifiable and no lettering competes with the signs already in place above the windows. The visual is treated in two contrasting colors to have the information as readable as possible. It stands out against a colorless background, corresponding to opalescent glass which captures natural light.

The border, an allusion to the friezes of traditional stained glass windows, adds preciousness by framing the pictogram. The design of this border, common to all brands, recalls the brick of the architecture of Ervy-le-Châtel and is similar to the frames of windows and doors in the city.

The signs are squares oriented in a diamond shape to create dynamism and echo the local architecture pointed roofs.

We called on our metalwork partner Alice Ventalon to create the frames, which can be easily dismantled for possible maintenance.

Each secure glass sign was installed by us in June 2021.