A women’s enterprise

Claire Lange and Lucie Roy have worked together for ten years.

Trained by the European Research and Training Center of Glass Arts near Nancy (Centre Européen de Recherches et de Formation aux Arts verriers), they assisted several master classmakers in Spain and Italy, refining their knowledge of  glass material various shapes.

In 2016, they founded in Lorraine a cooperative of creators named Kaléidosco with three other young female glassmakers.

Ilaké, their second workshop, brings a new breath in the heart of the mountains.

To share their know-how while getting additional manufacturing power, they welcomed an apprentice, Ewan.

Surrounded by mountains

Our workshop is located at the gateway to the upper Champsaur valley, in the commune of Saint-Laurent-du-Cros. We enjoy these splendid mountains everyday, the landscape and extremely rich flora being very inspiring for our creations.

Our research focuses on a variation of patterns and nuances which apply equally to tableware, decorative objects, lighting or custom glazing projects.

Our pleasure is to take on the challenges of tailor-made orders for chefs, architects and decorators.

Our palette: the glass material in its play of textures and lights between opalescence, translucency and transparency. Glass can take on so many aspects depending on the combination of techniques used! – glass painting, screen printing, stamping, glass paste, fusing, thermoforming.

Each object from the Workshop is unique: shaped by our hands and fired between 600 and 900°C. It acquires a personal character, bubbles of its own, a pattern or a special color spreading.

Explore our techniques – Summer workshops

Enter the world of the Ilaké workshop and come, like the great chefs, to create your tailor-made tableware set with us!

After an in-depth presentation of the tableware collections which will allow you to approach the different stages of manufacturing a glass plate, as well as a range of creative possibilities, you will have a theoretical course on the techniques of fusing and thermoforming. This will allow you to understand how glass behaves depending on temperature, and grasp many of the subtleties of the trade.

You will take the time to start designing the tableware collection of your dreams: choose the size and shape of each plate, establish your color range from the workshop samples, and draw the patterns that you will print on your service. You will have several sources of inspiration at your disposal: floral patterns, foliage, … Once you have established your artistic choices, we will move on to manufacturing.

During the first day, you will prepare a set of samples, and the next night cooking will validate your choices of colors and patterns.

You will then learn to cut glass, to “bevel” it, to apply decorations and colored backgrounds using screen printing and glass painting techniques; to prepare the fusion of the plates, to play with sandblasting in order to mattify or satin your plates; and even create a unique mold.


To register :

(+33) 658 339 464






(+33) 658 339 464

229 avenue de la Libération

Lieu-dit Le Cros

05500 Saint-Laurent-du-Cros